Shop Systems We Support

Novalnet e-Solutions offers a wide range of free Payment-Modules for your Online-Shop. Why not make use of this great offer for an uncomplicated and easy implementation.


Magento is in contrast to many other Open Source eCommerce solutions which are strongly dependent on the working zeal and the passion of the voluntary employees for advancement, quality assurance and servicing, is involved intensively to set up Magento as the leading Open Source eCommerce platform. Therefore it has committed itself exclusively to the advancement and the growth of Magento, the Community, to continual partnerships.



When it comes to XT Commerce, it is an open source Webshop Software (GPL) with high variety of functionality and expensive scalability which is not comparable to any other commercial shop system. The development team of xt:Commerce web shop software has its main focus or aim to make the world of the e-Commerce more accessible to middle-class trade market.

Online Merchants can enjoy the pleasure to take part in a dynamic and booming online market for e-commerce goods, with the help of this highly sophisticated open source web shop software without any considerable hurdles such as a surcharge for royalties or any other restrictions.

Start your Online Business today with this efficient shop software xt:Commerce and lay the foundation for the success of your e-Commerce business, like thousands of xt:Commerce shop-users have already.


Commerce:SEO is an Online-Shop system based on the xt:commerce shop system software. Commerce SEO is classified under the General Public License (GPL). The Version 1.1.1 is based significantly on the older xt-.Commerce, for example Administration Interface; however, from the Frontend it exists in a complete CSS layout without tables and any SEO tools. For Commerce:SEO v2, a considerable part of the core program was rewritten, inorder to make the Online Shop compatible with PHP5.3/PHP6. The administration area has been completely redesigned and thereby made more user-friendly.


commerce:SEO v2 Plus

Based on the motto "... Different than the other", there is now the second revolution: Commerce: SEO Plus v2 is here (for more information: Since 07/07/2010 the "must-have" for all is available in Google-optimized Shop software which otherwise you need to find out is "certainly a prerequisite for business".This new Revolution is fast. This special strong performance is based on the absolute effective programming through the Commerce:SEO PLUS v2 development team.

The new commerce: SEO Plus v2 has been upgraded visually strong. The features were sorted to facilitate the user to use the software even more flexible. The design is made such that users who don’t have programming knowledge find this easy to handle and customize and still many new features are yet to come.


osCommerce is an open Source E-commerce Solution which is constantly undergoing further development and adaptation through the Open Source community. Through its feature, that it may be installed out-of-the-box, Shop users have the possibility to create and manage their online-Shop with minimal costs and efforts.

OsCommerce is well supported by every PHP and MySQL server, without any restrictions or special requirements. Therefore osCommerce can be installed and operated quite smoothly on Webservers running on commonly used operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, BSD, Microsoft Windows, und Mac OS X


OXID eshop

OXID eSales ist one of the top leading Companies in the market of e-commece Shop Software solutions. The OXID eShop is scalable as well as an adaptable software with an outstanding Price-Value ratio. The complementary e-commerce platform, OXIDE eFire, offers a radical integration to several e-commerce partners like Payment providers, Web controlling / Data mining companies, Product Portals, pricing search-engines or Affiliate programs and ensures online-trade with an everlasting effect and success.

Since November 2008, the company is following a commercial Open Source strategy, based on a closely-nit partnership with the users’ community. This works very well for the company, as a large network of users provide constructive feedback and points for improvement, which is then used as suggestions for further development. Moreover, the requirements if its Enterprise customers are best addressed through this open-source platform.


Start today with a complete-system, already being successfully used by more than 10000 Companies. Both, start-up companies as well as well established eCommerce merchants, have given their preference to this Shop software.

- Easy administration even without Programming know-how

- Easily adaptable layout

- Completely and fully search-engine optimized

- Usability-Optimized



A complete Online-Shop with all features, which you require for your E-commerce business and much more!!!! With the possible integration with the Content Management System of Joomla, you have all the possibilities of CMS in your hand. In this way your VirtueMart Shop is integrated in an optimal way, with your own Joomla-Website.

The greatest Advantages of the VirtueMart are:

- The integration to the Content Management system of Joomla.

- modular build-up, extendable and adaptable implying high flexibility

- VirtueMart is an Open Source Software and therefore absolutely for free

- No problem with License. VirtueMart is classified under GNU/GPL 3 (General Public License)

- maybe used as an Online-Shop or even as a catalogue.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is really the optimal system for e-commerce. Here we are talking about a free, user-friendly open source Shop cart-Shopping system. The software has been developed by a group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers and advisers, who think that eCommerce concepts should be out-of-the-box.

Some "solutions" seems to be very complicated, rather than being based upon the needs of the users. Therefore, Zen Cart ™ has defined it top-most goal as the fulfillment of the needs of its merchants and buyers. Another critical point is that there are some programs of Zen Cart which could not be run or understood by a lay man, who does not hold a professional degree and has not completed higher secondary education. Zen Cart ™, however, can be installed and operated by every user with basic computer-IT knowledge.

Other systems are very costly.... But Zen Cart ™ - is absolutely free!



Übercart is a very comprehensive e-commerce Solution, which has been specialized developed for Drupal. The Ubercart-Module can be used by online-Shops and Product-Catalogues for both materials as well digital goods (such as Music, Video or Software-Downloads).Apart from this, even websites with an exclusive private member-area with subscription costs can be programmed with Übercart.


Joomla is a type of Content-Management-System (CMS), through which contents of a website can be managed easily and effectively. It maybe optimally implemented for small or medium-size web portals. However, even large Web portals can be realized with this software system. Joomla is very easy to use and therefore brings instant returns or success to its users. One of its key features is also its flexibility. With the help of several extension features as well as add-ons, many other functionalities and features can be integrated to Joomla. The project Joomla! is a product development of the prize-winning CMS Mambo.


The project osDATE was initiated in 2005 on the American internet portal of as an OpenSource project under the LGPL License. OSDATE offers a vivid variety of features as functionality options that even some highly expensive software program also do not offer. Thereby, it is possible today for anybody to develop either a free or even commercial dating-platform according to his likes and wants, through this amazing software.


The Randshop Basic version is a free ecommerce solution which was developed by Randgruppe and is being permanently further developed. Four years of development has produced a system with a variety of features and extra modules which is for the end-user easy to use and features an administration area that is quick to master. The system is based on MySQL (version 4.1.x) and PHP (version 4.3.0), which are the most widely used platforms and can be implemented on almost every host. Without any special requirements and restrictions, the Randshop can be installed on all major systems such as Linux, Solaris, MS Windows or Mac OS without problem.



PrestaShop is a modern open source e-commerce shopping system which is offered under the OSLv3 license for free of charge. PrestaShop is based on the programming language PHP and uses a MySQL database for data storage. PrestaShop offers flexibility, a seamless integration of Ajax applications and a modern Web 2.0 feel. Additionally it consist search engine friendliness, rapid processing for both customer and shop owner and, above all, an easy and intuitive operation are other highlights of e-commerce solution.


phpShop is a PHP-powered shopping cart application. It is released under the GNU General Public License.

The primary purpose of phpShop is to provide a simple shopping cart solution that is easy to customize to suit any purpose. phpShop has less features that many other shopping cart applications, but is generally easier to customize. All that is required to effectively customize phpShop is a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL.



X-Cart is template based software with open source code. This means you can tailor the look & feel and functionality of the shopping cart to your individual business requires. The installation wizard and the web-based administrator area make setup and maintenance of the shopping cart simple. No PHP or other programming knowledge is required to set up and run this online store.The software sets no logical limitations for the number of products. The code is optimized for smooth performance for up to 20 000 products. Software and hardware optimization will allow X-Cart to run with up to 500 000 products.



For shop owners and customers alike an intuitive and easy to use system. The xtcModified eCommerce shopping cart software is an improved version of xt: Commerce 3:04 SP2.1. This development, with numerous bug fixes and improvements, ensures that the modules and database remain compatible with xt: Commerce 3:04 SP2.1. Easy migration of your data and templates is therefore, not a problem. Stability, security and ease of use play a major role. It is ideal for new entrepreneurs who have little experience of direct management of an online store, and also simplifies the daily work of more experienced shop owner.


The JTL-Shop3 shop system offers you and your customers the best conditions for successful online retailing. It has long been obvious that for an online-shop to be successful it is no longer sufficient just to offer your products cheaper than your competitors. Discover the JTL-Shop3 system and experience the extra comfort allows you and your customers, the optimal connection to your merchandise planning and control system, the multitude of useful features that simplify the online shopping experience and the truly flexible system that allows you, the retailer, to be able to configure your offers as you wish. In short, the shop system with real added value!



The FWP shop is a simple, intelligent, open-source shopping system that offers flexibility, vitality and performance. It can simplify your work and alleviate many tasks. With the active cooperation of shop owners and customers alike it is being continually developed. This shop draws on many years of e-commerce experience, in particular know-how in the area of search engine optimization and shop system development. The shop also boasts relatively low server requirement and built in marketing functions such as newsletters, e-cards, coupons, and lots more. The functionality of the software stands out, in comparison to other free systems.


xt: Commerce VEYTON4 , thanks to a very effective Plugin Concept, is the ideal Shopsystem for any given size of your company. The shop system software may therefore be adapted further at any given time without any interventions in the code. The software is also updatable even for several installed add-ons or extensions.

The VEYTON 4 Shop solution is also known for its simple administration interface and very strong search-engine optimization.



The Kaufengel GmbH has a vast and long experience in developing and operating e-commerce shops and undertook the vision and goal of supporting and helping their customers by imparting and sharing their Internet-Know-How with them. The company based in Leipzig offers retailers a future or vision-oriented Shop system with several features and functionality for effective Stock management, Customer management and a wide variety of Payment options. All extensions or Add-ons or updates are available to the Shop-users absolutely free of any costs. Additionally, Kaufengel also offers its customers (online-merchants) a permanent and continuous Search-engine optimization with the vision to place their shops on the first page of Google search lists.

The Kaufengel-Team provides its online Merchant with a premium service, for all kinds of queries revolving around Sales, Marketing, Layout as well as promotion. A personal and individual contact to its online-merchants is of highest priority for the service team, which is based in Leipzig. We know that in order to build a long-lasting and successful relationship with the shop-owners, it is very important to provide them with such exclusive and comprehensive support.


TYPO3 is a Content Management Framework for small and middle-size companies. It unites, thereby, the advantages of two worlds: A very comprehensive "Out-of-the-box" functionality with a great choice of standard modules. Due to the robust nature of its high-capacity architecture, TYPO 3 ensures that every enlargement and special software development can be integrated in to the system.

TYPO3 is an open Source Software and is classified under GPL.


tt_products is essentially a TYPO3 extension that provides you all the features and functionalities similar to any of the widely used shop systems. This plugin offers a whole range of options for conducting and managing sophisticated marketing campaigns such as a “Recommending a Friend” platform, a Bonus point system or even a gift voucher system. You can also perform a range of key functions like adjustment of the design according to your customized needs as well as an easy integration to a broad range of payment methods that we offer, to make your online business run smoothly and simple to manage. Given the user-friendly nature and flexibility of a popular CMS on one side and an effective shop system on the other, combined with our stable and safe online payment service, you will most certainly benefit from this unique blend of core expertise in the field of E-commerce.



Drupal is a very mature and flexible Conent Management System that fulfills all requirements of modern Web design and modern Web programming.

Due to the modular nature of Drupal, Web Solutions can be realized swiftly and efficiently, regardless of whether they are simple Webblogs, corporate Websites or even big Community portals with several thousand users and members.

Drupal is open-source, and is classified under the GNU General Public License and is available free of cost.