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Testing and Validation


Software testing and validation

The vital phase in a software development lifecycle is Testing which implements bug-free code and full performing application. Testing and validation ensure quality and continuity in business applications. Testing involves validating the developed software through various stages to meet accuracy. Technical errors are identified during this phase, and an incident is raised for issues, if any. Validation is a dynamic mechanism that warrants an application for its expected functionality and anticipated outcomes.

Test scope and approach
Test strategy
Environment for support
Test development
Test case execution
Defect Management

Performing a test plan that drives efficiency and plus innovation

Prequesites are analyzed, defining various test approaches for clarity and usability.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing helps determine unauthorised access from malicious users, detecting vulnerabilities and ensuring security. A kind of ethical hacking where pen tests are carried out through execution standards.

Define Scope
Detect and Analyse Vulnerability
Vulnerability Exploitation

Agile/DevOps Testing

Agile development structures software development for consistency, flexibility, and cohesive interaction. DevOps automation testing in an Agile environment is executed through iterative testing procedures, leveraging extensive functionality reducing time and cost. DevOps testing approach involves QA implementation, strategy and planning cloud test environments, and continuous monitoring after release.

Agile Development
Continuous Integration
Iterative Testing
Maintenance and Production Support

Test Automation

Test Automation plays a vital role in ensuring rapid test execution and deploying a continuous testing approach. Test automation process is a cost-effective method for regression testing of software products. Test automation delivers robust support, CI system integrations, and scalable tests.

Defining Automation Scope
Framework Implementation
Automated Test Developments
Result Analysis and Reporting

API Testing

API testing a testing type that validates the Application Programming interface with the purpose to evaluate software performance, functionality, security, and reliability. API is an intermediate layer in an application bridging the user interface and the application database. API test environment requires a complex setup, clear understanding of API functionality, test case execution and comparison of results.


Test Case Development
Execution and Reporting
Specification Review and Development
Framework Development

Testing as a Service

Testing as a Service is rendered by firms that act as a third party to perform the testing process ignoring the conventional method of in-house testing. Dedicated testers execute testing procedures using testing infrastructure, tools, and software. A TaaS platform is used to perform all testing types with experts to reduce costs and to accomplish data integrity.